Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dangers of Doing Nothing

Pastor T.D. Jakes - Sermon
Feb 8, 2009
  • If you don't keep moving - life will take you down. You need to keep things moving in your life.. an empty house will lead to loss of value/trouble. (i.e empty building
  • Doing nothing - takes your energy, saps your life. --> dangerous
  • People of faith are prone to do nothing. we think the ownership of our responsibility rests on God. So we wait of God for the Lord passively. We do nothing at all and wait for him to to something. (Psalms 27/Isiah)
  • We not not notice that when Isiah tells is to wait he does mean LITERALLY... they tat wait on the lord are active, renew their strength, run and not be weary --> This is ACTION. Being aggressive about your life. Take it by force.
  • Nothing will happen if you do nothing. We tell oursselves we're waiitning on God --> WRONG, God is waiitng on us.
  • God says he will bless what we will do in Psalms.
  • God will bless people with favor at times. Its harfd for us to be happy for them because doors arent opening up for you like they do for them.
  • God gives us a garment of praise when there's a spirit ohheaviness
  • As long as we sit in the seat of the scornful, we will never be blessed.
  • As long as we are filled with anger and biterness we will never move/change
  • Our attitude determines our outcome. How can you be a good person and not be blessed? How can you be a good wife and not be loved? And you wonder as times passes you by, Seconds turn to min min to hours hours to days ..etc to years of NOTHINGNESS. Your life becomes a routine and you don't even know when you became bitter. Then your output is different. Because you can not figure out why a "calf" if not killed for you. These people thin if they are JUST GOOD the n they will be blessed and wait for it to happen. And it wont because we misunderstand how blessings work.
  • If you don't do anything you will not get anything. God has it there for you - you just have to go out and get it.

    (This sermon is not complete and can be viewed on TJ Jakes website)

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