Sunday, February 8, 2009


Michael Pitts- jubilee Church
Feb 4, 2009

2 kings Chapter 4
Proverbs 21/20

Struggle is how to get a new system ..
J wants to give us a new system of thinking

If thinking doesn't change, we can't get to the next levels.. We need to change our vessel.

You have to know what to eat and what not to.. In life.

If u don't shut the door on yesterday, you can't move forward. Excuses of today..,need to be willing to move into tomorrow,

Foolishness causes us not get to our oil.
Foolishness does not begin at the top.
Foolishness starts with us and our values systems. How we treat and train
Foolishness the significance of gifts.. God gave us something but foolishness causes us to he negative and devalue gifts
* Foolishness makes us lose valuable time

If you do what you want to do, you'll never do what you want to do..

Foolishness abandons strategic outcomes a Foolish person sits back and waits for something to happen. Waiting on chance verses doing something..

You have to put ur feet down and claim the pot if oil in your house

Foolishness does not learn from previous experience.

Foolishness preoccupies itself with the wrong questions... "why did I have to be born" etc.."why me" ask wrong questions

Questions you choose to respond to determine the outcome of your life

Woman to prophet.. What shall I do for you .. What do you have in your house (bible) question she chooses will determine her outcome (kings)

When u look for someone else to do something for you they determine the level you live in
1) shifts responsibility
2) abdicates dominion

What do u have in it house...(other ?)
she said u have nothing (save except but..)when we use but that means we nullify what we said, (dis empowering). If this happens.. Drop a but and turn it around,, but I do have a pot of oil.. Make it positive.. Speak God into your life

Prophet said then go get their vessels (go learn, go find.. Ur in a system with old mentality.. Same talent with diff administration.. (ex). Find someone who knows more than what u do..we what their system is and figure out how to multiply

Find passion

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