Sunday, February 8, 2009


Pastor Eid
Sunday, Feb 8, 2009
(Cont from last weeks message)

Point 1:
John 4 v 34
"My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work."

Ezekiel wanted more from the Lord except angel dept water. He had 1000 cubic something - and wanted more. The the angel gave him 1000 and then per his request gave him a thousand extra. The water went to his knees. Then the angel gave him another 1000 and water was waist deep. Whats important is going into a deeper relationship with God. Ezekiel wanted to have more and wasn't content with water being waist deep. The Lord told him it would be hard and the water will submerge you and you will not feel the steadiness of tje ground. You will however be lifted and you can swim. Lord told him that told him its a river for swimming with no limitations.

As believers we wanted to be in limited vision, limited worship, limited works. Our mind is limited when we think of God.

David said there is a limit to everything except Gods word - its limitless.
Moses (last weeks messages) learned the ways of God. He did not learn the work or actions alone BUT he learned the ways of and how he can take from God and use it in his daily life.

Its not the things you do that God will count twords your account. But its what God is telling you to do that willbe held in your account. Even if these works or dees are in minitry or works. It has to be from Him.


Ask the Lord to make you the way he designed you to be not like Benny Hinn or Billy Grahm. The Lord made us all in a unique way that no one can take from us.

Job - The Lord tells us that God puts his plans in the palm of our hand. Some believer wanted to know what this plan in our palm was... David in Pslams 139 said I am unique and no one is like me. What does this mean? There is NO ONE like us. God has given wisodm to humans to know we each have a different finger print - Why did God make us different... he wants you to know you have a seperate plan - a different purpose.

Job goes deeper with this and Satan understood this so he wanted to imitate the works of the Lord ... hence PALM READERS. Trying to be like the anti-Christ... he can give you info from your past BUT not the future (Satan). Satan does not even know a min. into the future. Sometimes we give to much credit to Satan on what is happening. Satan does not konw what you are thinking. God stamps out palms so he knows are life.. Why is it on our hands? Our life plans are in the palm of our hands. We do not know whats happening is because we are limited.

As a child of God you can learn his works and deeds directly. John 5 - Christ said, the father shows me the deeds. And he does not do things on his own (referring to Jesus). Christ was always in line with what the father wanted him to do. Jesus had a perfect human and divine will. And it was possible that his human will was before the fathers or his divine will. Some people thinks that Jesus had 1 nature.. NO he had 2. He had 1) Human Will and 2) A dive will.

You see this interaaction at Gethsemane - when Christ was praying to the father. Praying about passing the cup .. but Jesus heard the father.. and that this was His will. Then Christ said let not my will be done but yours. He wants to show us about the suffering that will be inflicted is huge.

Passion on Christ only shows the flesh suffering of Jesus.. the beatings etc.. BUT there is a deeper infliction that Isiah 53 - it says from sorrow and anguish his soul was taken from Him. You know what that was? not the nails, not the whips - a lot of people had the same sufferings.. IE Peter was crucidfied upside down.

Paul says in Ephesians - Christ who assending went down first to the depts of the earth. Why did he say that? David said in Psalms.. Thank you Lord for reedeeming my soul from the oit. Dut 32. The Lord declare that in the bottomless pit.. that there is anger and fire... and this hill that was open to Christ --> That is our punishment for eternity. These things came to Jesus' spirit. That is why Jesus said my heart is sorrowful. The flesh inflictions were not the problem. .. but the soul inflictions were. Hell itself was open against Him. The spiritual fire was devouring His soul and spirit. All of this was happening the same hour he was on the cross. That is the toughest journey. 1 Peter Chapter 4 - tells us where Christ went to declare the message.

Phillip. 2 v 6. He gave him a name above all names. It says in the Bible. He was in the image of God and He was God. He WAS God. So what did the Father elevate? What the father did was elevate the human nature of Christ because he submitted himself to the will of the Father. Jesus' human will was completely in line with the will of the Father. And He did everything the Father wanted him to do.

John 19 v 30:
"When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit."

Finished means - completed - the entire mission. The last thing he had to accept was when he said I am thirsty.. They brought him vinegar - that was bitter and they tried to satisfy His thirst. An hour before that they offered him wine to drink. It had a special wine that it had anesthesia in it so that they do not feel any pain when they are killing them. He wanted us to know that he felt the psychical pain. Christ denied it.. but the second one, the vinegar, he accepted.

John 4 v 34 - My food is to do the will....

Point 2:
I can not allow my own feelings to go into doing the works that God wants me to do. Because we need to receive from God directly and do His works in His time. John 2: Jesus was invited to a wedding, and the wine was finished. His mother felt in her spirit that a miracle should happen. Jesus had the same feelings.. because it is the same spirit. Here as humans, sometimes - we know what God wants to do... but we like to push God to push things before it is the right time. Even if it is for a few min.

When you come and take the deed/order from God. Do not take any orders to take immesdiate actions. You have to take all from God.

John 7: Festival for the jews. It was for 7 days.. and Jesus' disiples asked Jesus if he was going to the feast. Jesus told them he is not going with them now. He is going but not THEN. They gave him options .. so they can go together. Jesus said this to them: If we work according to ur own will - your time is ready whenever you want BUT my time is not there yet.. "My time has not fully come" Word says that Christ went up mid-feast. .. what does that meann? (3 1.2 days into the feast) What is the difference? Jesus did not want to waste his time .. with the greetings and such in the begining. The second part of the feast were the religious duties of the festivites, especially the last day.

You can not plan for 1-3 years spiritually.. you may know highlights BUT in the spirit you need to listen directly to the Lord. You then have a spiritual calendar. Sometimes you place your trips on the calendar.. and you tell yourseld you had plans.. jesus says erase all that because HE is the one leading us and will tell us daily what to do. He will also let us know what to do in the future. So they were trying to get Christ on their own calendar. Because he was inline perfectly with the will of God. And he wanted to teach to take directly from the Father the deeds he wants us to do in their proper time.

Christ did not start his ministry until John finished his ministry. WHY? Because God had planned a perfect timing for Christ to start his ministry. And planned a time for John to seize his minitsty. God does not reward by the # of years.. John the Baptist was in ministry for 6 months..

Christ said NO ONE is greater that JOhn the Baptisit.
Jermiah serveed 60 years
Isiah 40 years
John 6 months - and it was the greatest.
Jesus himself did for 3 years...

Greatest lesson we can learn today is:
  1. Dont ask to be like a specific person
  2. Seek his will in your life
  3. Ask him what deeds he wants you to do
  4. Do not allow any interferance from anyone to effect your spiritual timing.

    Sarah push Abraham to do something against Gods timing.. 13 years God did not talk to him. Then Abraham gave himself Genisis 17 - and said I will put aside the things Sarah did. God did not commune with him. The deeds God wanted him to do were lost. You spent 15 years in heron because you listed to you dad. The in eypt cause you listen to Lot... and then Sarah.

    John was the first one to be obedient. They told John he was the largest foolish minister ever.. BECAUSE his church is filled with people and the next day there is NONE. John asked them why this happened? They think because he advertises for Christ... people come to him and he sends them to Christ. That is his ministry. John needs to be decrease and Christ needs to be lifted.
Just bring people to Christ - not to a church. God will lead them after that.

Ask the Lord wher you should minister and worship. How you should go about your future ministry. That is why Christ taught us not to take human interferance. God will lead us to that place and perfect timing.

Point 3
John 11: - raise Lazarus from the dead.

This miracle takes place in a few hours.. the day of the passover.

John 11 v 9 - are there not 12 hours in the day? ....

What does this mean??
John 9 v 4
"As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work."

What is the day? What is the night? God is giving us age/life in the world. This life he has given us.. are the 12 hours of the day. All of us have 12 hours. Christ himself had 12 hours. Its our lives on earth, the days we have. When God created the earth - he named time for movement and night - was the quietness/peace.

12 hours - life on earth. Time He has given us to do His will on earth. Does not mean in this 12 hours you only Gods work.. its everything in life. (Life span)

BUT night will come - no one will work. And Christ on the cross was the last hours of his DAY time and he said it is finished. The last moment of the 12 hours if finished because NIGHT will come because night will come. You 12 hours are set by the Lord.. We all have age limitations but we need to accomplish his deeds in the time he wants us to complete it.

John 12 v 20 - 26 --> they wanted to get Christ in trouble. At the last hour of his life, before he was crucified, he was preparing himself and took his disciples aside (no ministry now). John 12- John 21 No Preaching to the people. Its more than 1/2 the gospel... and at the last hour. Jesus was with the disciples and was focused on teaching them. They were only 12. He heard people arguing and they were talking about Jews that come from Greece. Phillip went to Andrew, and he and Andrew wanted to be in sync together. "Jesus, this is an opp and your fame will go to Europe" etc... Jesus told them to wait and listen. When Jesus is lifted on the cross he will gather everyone!

If you want to do the deeds and works of God.
God hold us back at times.. he at times wants us to be alone and under the ground.. this sorrow and these tribulations. And we need to be thankful for this because it ends us bearing fruit in the end.

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