Friday, October 16, 2009

Jonah and Paul --> same calling different approach

Jonah and Paul --> same calling different approach.

2 people who went on a journey by sea
1) Jonah .. Went to Nineveh
2) Paul
Listening to what the lots is saying is crucial
Hebrews 13.. Tells us about listening
One openly accepted their calling. They were both tested. Gods plan
doesn't change, start and finish ended up the way the Lord wanted.. 2
believes worshiping 1 God .. 1 listened and 1 didn't.

Jonah came from Palestine to preach to people from Nineveh and Paul to
preach to Rome

Rebelling against God , he fell I to into hardships

Not thinking and caring for others(Jonah slept) .. But Paul thought
of others..
3 days of prayer in darkness or light.. Paul in light and Jonah in belly
Believer upset with his calling and a believer happy with his calling.

When the boat rocked for Jonah.. All prayed to their gods and saw the
only person not worshiping was Jonah.. They woke him to pray to their

The enemy will strike us in all ways when we are called to work for
the Lord. We need to learn to pray and stand and crush the enemy.

Romans 1:13.. Paul was happy about his calling, unlike Jonah.

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