Thursday, March 18, 2010


Words are very powerful.  We usually don't think about it this in a literal way.  When we hear this, we can acknowledge it, but do we really know the importance words? 

I heard a teaching about the POWER OF WORDS and this, like anything other "reminder" teaching/sermon, turned on the light switch for me.  Of course, this is based on Biblical grounds and placing God in the middle of everything.

What do we usually think about God?  Loving, caring, merciful, powerful etc... the list goes on and on.  Do we really think about why we are created and what our purpose is though?  I like many, do think about it, but have a hard time putting GOD into full practice/control of my life (to reveal his purpose).  I think this is a normal, human thing to do though.

See God wants us to give up, so He can give in --> HMM, did we ever think of that one?  All we need to do is let go.  It seems simple, yet I promise you... it is THE hardest thing to do.   Below are steps I heard in the sermon to help us let it go.

Step 1.   BREATH
Step 2.   STRETCH
Step 3.   SHAKE
Step 4.   LET IT GO

Man, when I heard these four steps, I thought I was listening to my trainer.. hahah well, this is training/conditioning of our spiritual life.

BREATH:  Usually we are placed in an area where we cannot move or breath.. this is usually a life circumstance.  Most of us have been here, when we are completely DONE with a situation, with someone, with a circumstance.  My recent situation was in spiritual walk.  To be honest, my struggle was praying and getting over this hump that was bogging me down.  The sad thing was that I was blaming God for not doing His part in my life.  What a ignorant thing to do... I LEARNED :) and grew..
    >>> So in these types of situations, we need to quit looking down and start looking up. 

John 5:2 - There are the ones that don't get washed by the wave but need or are waiting for someone to pick them up and throw them back into the ocean. 

STRETCH:  We get so focused on our lives that we forget to stretch and reach to touch Him.  We get wrapped up and focus on this broken path/broken promise, like I did.  The pool (above)/church are not our promises.  Sometimes people cling to that.  Our promise in life is Jesus and his purpose is to change our proximity.  

  >>> The story above is about the healing waters/pool.  All people needed to do was to get up and go to the water when it was time.  But as mentioned earlier, sometimes, its easier said then done because we can get consumed with life/our circumstance.  When this happens, we need to BREATH,  look up and STRETCH!

Stretching prepares us for what is next.  In our spiritual life, it is an act of love, it prepares us for victory.

SHAKE: Shaking are the items that get most of us.  The challenges of life, blowing wind, situations. 
In these type of circumstances, we need to have peace and joy and always be on guard and plugged into God.

LET IT GO......................

We as humans like to stick to things... but when these random acts in life happen, to place us into a state of non-movement, pain, hurt, anger, depression, sadness... we have a choice.  We can stay and be stuck to our beach/our situation OR we can learn to breath, stretch, shake and let it go.  We need to be done and stop living with no air. 

So, how does this tie in with the POWER OF WORDS.  Well, we have to profess, proclaim, cry out, love adore worship, speak the word in our lives, give praise and adoration.  When we speak and think negativity, hopelessness, it becomes us and starts consuming.  So in finishing, words are a powerful tool... and how you use them, will determine how you approach and feel about life and what your output is... which is happiness, peace and joy.. :) This is not a life is a walk in the park blog, but to remind us, to let go and let God and have Him take the control, He knows what is best.  All we do is, breath, stretch, shake, let go... with actions and words :).

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