Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prayer and Devotion

Prayer and Devotional time to God is something that is a struggle for most Christians.

Questions to ask yourself:
* Are you happy with your prayer life?
* How do you feel about your prayer life?

It is important to understand what Prayer and Devotion are.
Prayer is a devote petition to God.
Prayer is a spiritual communion - a conversation with God
Devotion is a earnest attachment to a cause or a person.
Below are verses and some acronyms that can help with Mathew 6: 5-14
A - adoration (acknowledging God)
C - confession (sins/failures)
T - thanksgiving (acknowledging God as a source)
S - supplication
Numbers 6: 24-26Things to pray about... bless
B - body
L - laborers
E - emotional needs
S - social needs
S - spiritual needs
Prayer verses:
Luke: 18:1 - Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them they should ALWAYS PRAY and NOT GIVE UP

Ephesians 6:18 - and pray in ALL occasions   and with all kinds of prayer and requests.  With this in mind alert and always praying for all the saints.
Colossians  4:2 - Devote yourselves to prayer, being WATCHFUL and THANKFUL
1 Thessalonians - Pray CONTINUALLY
With all of the verses listed, go back to the intial questions, ... think about where you are now verses when you first gave your heart to the Lord.  Are goal is to meet God.  We need to see what barriers are between us and remove those barriers.
An example of this is when Moses took his tent outside the camp.  That is when he talked to God.
Moses: 1) Met God on a regular bases 2) It was outside the camp 3) Moses meets God 4) God talks to Moeses 5) People respond   Exodus 33:7-11
I know that prayer and devotion of my time to God is a struggle for me.  So all the things I just typed were my thoughts and notes from a sermon and studying that I do on prayer.  I felt it on my heart to share one of my struggles and it may be one that you have as well.   It's not an easy task, but it is worth it.

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