Sunday, August 22, 2010

God's Good Timing

How often do we feel like we pray and pray and get no where is our prayer life...  Well I think goes hand in hand with my previous post.  There is an actual lack of prayer and consistency.  We want to "seek" God, we want to have that "relationship"... yet we also want to live our lives... our time... our goals.... our vision.

The issue I see, is actual trust in God.  Trust that will build our faith, foundation and relationship.  God should be our rock, our fortress, our hiding place.  He will reach out to us, guide us, when we trust Him and surrender our lives into His hand. 

We at time wonder why God waits to answers prayers.  Wonder why the timing is off... when money is all gone, when sickness has lingered.  We wonder, why does God choose to wait until the other side of the grave to answer healing prayers..... well I think of this, as I am sure most of us do... my simple answer is I don't know.  I am not skilled to know what God has willed and planned.  

What I do know is that I take His word, and lean on His salvation for my life.  All I know is that God's timing is always the right timing - even if I do not understand it at the time. 

Though at times I/we do not hear anything, I know God is speaking.  Though I/we see nothing, not actions... I know God is acting and doing something.  What I also know, is that with God's timing there are no accidents.   

Every incident is intended to bring us closer to God.  ...
                 How does this happen?
.... it is all back to PRAYER & WORSHIP

Luke 18:7:
"God will always give what  is right to His people who cry to Him, night & day.  He will not be slow to answer them".

This verse just confirmed everything I wrote about...
Now I pray for myself and anyone reading this blog:

"God  give us a desire to worship You, to seek You.  Create that yearning in our hearts, to seek the closeness we need.  You are a  majestic God and worthy of all glory and praise.  Your grace found us the way we are.. in our pit of our lives.  I pray that we come to you God with lifted hands in surrender and ask to be sanctified.   We are all empty handed and can offer nothing to you Lord God, besides our praise and worship.  The greatest love of all is You, & that love is what created the change in my life.  Increase the love & desire for You.  
Amen & Amen"

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