Friday, April 8, 2011


It seems like my inconsistency with some aspects of my life do not balance out the way I would like them too.  This is frustrating and it creates many road blocks into getting things accomplished.  I often start things with the best of intentions and let obstacles get in the way.  That would be labeled as poor time management in the business world...

Okay, so this blog is a little different from my previous ones, but I do want to incorporate more life instances and link them to my spiritual walk. 

I guess this blog is SORT OF revisiting my goals/new years resolutions.  I will list a couple of my topics, to help remind me to be consistent:
1) Consistent prayer life
2) Daily reading (actual focusing) of the Bible (Check, but need some deep dive sessions)
3) Plug into a good Bible Study
4) Make a prayer list (WHICH IS 1 thing I have been consistent with) 
1) Make healthier choices
2) Workout AT LEAST 5 times a week (need to tune up more)
3) Drop some LB's

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  1. hah! I should come here more often to be consistent.


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