Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prayer and God

"Be still and KNOW I AM God, I will be praised in all the nations. I will be praised throughout the earth" Psalms 46:10   

In my morning Bible reading today, it dawned on me to take notes and share thoughts my thoughts while I read.   I have been really focused on prayer lately - actually seems like it's been like this for a while, as it is an area of struggle for me.  I often wonder why, because I LOVE to talk... and at times talking to creator is the HARDEST thing ever.  Maybe because I feel like it is a one sided conversation at times, though in my heart and mind know it is not. Can one really perfect prayer?   HAH!  that was silly to write out because I already know the answer to that.

What I learned in today's reading is that though I feel like at times my prayers are 1 way, they are not.  I have to start acknowledging that GOD is GOD and He is powerful and bigger than any problem that I may have or think that I may have.   Isn't that something?  I know this, but have to write it out for it to REALLY sink in.  God has the power over everything and can do all things.  This goes back to the simple phrase I love to use, 'let go and let God'.   After reading, I notice that at times my focus is on small items.  Items that I may lack in life or when people ask me to pray for them or I just happen to pray for items in peoples lives the prayers - the items are small, though they seem like mountains at times. I need to always remember that:

God is a healing God! 
God is a provider! 
God redeems!
God forgives!
God's love is the most PERFECT love one can have! 
God is a powerful God!

Notice that everything that GOD IS. What we pray/ask/whine/cry/beg for in our prayers, God fullfills. 
         He is perfect! :)
This makes me want to take the self centered prayers I have and turn them around and NOT think of my circumstance, frustration and disappointment.  This is true for many, people focus these items on ourselves, a mate, a friend, a relative.

Doubt and clouded thinking will result to lack of faith or a lack of belief.  Focusing and trusting God in our prayers will help us build faith and have better prayer experiences. 

Time to exercise this out for myself.  It is a struggle, but BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD! 

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